Alstom wins Line 2 bid in São Paulo

The consortium led by Alstom is going to supply for the Line 2- Green – of the São Paulo Metro the instalation and testing of the signalling and control equipament, the medium tension network and the auxiliary systems and  energy supply. The value of this contract is of about 42 million euros,  out of which 64% will go to Alstom. 

Line 2 extension will have 4 kilometers, out of which which 3,9 km in tunnels, and three new stations: Chácara Klabin, Imigrantes and Ipiranga.
The beginning of the operations of the first 2,9 kilometers, between Ana Rosa Station and Imigrantes, is planned for the first semester of 2006. The remaining should enter service in mid 2006. At the moment, Line 2 has seven kilometers of and operates between Ana Rosa and Vila Madalena stations.

In another contract of about 4,6 million of euros, Alstom  will be responsible for the project, ventilation equipament supply and installation for the three new stations.

Line 2 – Green will have integration with the Line 1 – Blue – in Paraíso and Ana Rosa stations. The new extension is going to integrate with the future extension of the Line 5 – Lilac – at Chácara Klabin station.

Today, 280 thousand passengers use, daily, the Line 2 – Green  – between Ana Rosa and Vila Madalena. With the expansion until  Imigrantes station, that number will grow to about 320 thousand passengers a day. As soon as the Ipiranga station starts operating, the total number should reach about 370 thousand users a day.

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Fonte: Folha de São Paulo

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