TGG starting up operations in February

Considered one of the largest logistical projects of 2006, the Guarujá Grain terminal (TGG) will enter into operation onext February (2007). A partnership between ALL, Bunge and Amaggi, the terminal, located on the left side of the Port of Santos, has capacity for handling five million tons/year of soybeans and by-products and will have both rail and road access.
The terminal occupies an area of 340,000 m2 within the Termag/TGG complex and the project cost is estimated at R$ 440 million. Of this amount, R$ 321 million corresponds to TCG’s investment, of which R$ 175 million – or about 55% – comes through the Brazilian National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES). The project encompasses a system for loading and unloading trains and trucks and for handling grains (comprising the construction of two warehouses, four loading towers and a set of conveyor belts) and administrative installations.
According to information from ALL, the TGG should receive a major part of soybean production from the Central-West region of Brazil, which could represent an increase of nearly 50% of the total volume of soybeans and soy meal handled by the Port of Santos in 2005.

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Fonte: Folha de São Paulo

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