Log-In has three express train routes

Log-In, logistics company recently-founded by Vale do Rio Doce, will operate three express trains of containers daily, as a part of  the intermodel transport service, that  includes coastal shipping, use of terminals and of trucks (in distances up to 200 kilometers). The routes are: São Paulo – Center-West, for the transport of automobile parts to Goiás, among others; Triângulo Mineiro-Vitória, using the Terminal of Vila Velha, (TVV) in Espírito Santo; and São Paulo-Northeast, linking Bahia to Santos´s harbor . The use of the rail network is done through Ferrovia Centro-Atlântica (FCA RR) and  Vitória a Minas RR, controlled by Vale do Rio Doce, that owns 31,3% of the new company.

Log In, that recently raised US$ 214.4 million with the public offer of stocks in Bovespa, announced that it will invest US$ 400 million in the next five years. The resources will be destined to the construction of five ships (US$ 350 million, 90% financed by Fund of Merchant Marine), with capacity for 2.700 TEUs each; in the expansion of the Vitoria terminal TVV (US$ 32.7 million), and in the purchase of new containers (US$ 25 million). At present 100% of the container fleet (eight thousand units) are rented. With the acquisition, the company intends to own 75% of the whole fleet and to increase their participation in the container transport market.
Until now, however, there is no sign of investments in railroad, nor  any forecast of expansion in the service. “We still didn´t define this part, that depends on the approval of the company’s administration council. We can invest in leasing of cars, for instance, in case there is need, but it´s still early, affirmed the CEO of Log-In, Mauro Dias, not discarding the possibility of using other networks depending on the growth of the business, that can include frozen loads.

According to the results of the company in the second quarter of 2007, Log-In transported 102.423 TEUs, against 94.940 TEUs in the same period of last year – an increase of 7,9%. From these, only 13.213 were transported by train (in 2006 there were 10.665).

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