The environmental study for the Rio subway will be in January

The state government launched on Tuesday the bid to hire a company that will be responsible for environmental impact study of the section Gávea-Ipanema of the metro. The resources planned for the study are R$ 1.3 million. The outcome of the bidding is scheduled for late January and the study will last ten months.

The government said that the exact route of the section, with station locations, is still being decided, so it is impossible to determine the total cost of the project. The section will connect Line 1 to Line 4 (Barra-South Zone), where excavations began in September this year. The first blasting happened at the Pedra do Focinho do Cavalo, part of the massif of Tijuca, in Barra.

The stretch of the South Zone has caused concern among local residents, who came to form a group – called The Metro that Rio needs – to discuss the issue. For the president of the Leblon Residents’ Association, Evelyn Rosenzweig, the project would need to be further discussed with the community:

– We want to understand the reasons why the state opted for the section Gávea-Ipanema instead of the option by Botanical Garden, Humaitá and Laranjeiras – says Evelyn, a member of the group.

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