Works of São Paulo’s Ferroanel will begin in 2013

After a meeting with members of the federal government, Governor Geraldo Alckmin announced yesterday that the works of Ferroanel must be accelerated. The railroad will follow the routes of the Southern and Northern stretches of the Beltway.

In the case of the Northern stretch, the fact that the State government has already performed studies and improvements on the route should save time and money. Just in the Northern stretch, the federal government will be saving over $481.5 million, Alckmin said.

According to the schedule of the federal government, the work will begin in October 2013. This work has to be ready by 2015. According to the state governor, freight trains cannot pass through Luz Station, at the center of São Paulo, anymore.

According to him, this type of vehicle, which reaches 1,200 meters long, may damage the railroad. The Northern Ferroanel will be between Jundiaí and Manoel Feio Station, in the city of Itaquaquecetuba. The Southern should connect Rio Grande da Serra to the Evangelista de Souza Station, in the capital.

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