Union suspends the payment of 400 million dollars to Italplan

The Italian court suspended a collection of nearly 400 million dollars from Union and Valec Engenharia, Construções e Ferrovias S.A. The amount relates to projects for the bullet train that will connect the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Campinas.

The amount is being claimed  by Italplan Engineering in the court of Arezzo, which is located in the region of Tuscany. After several decisions favorable to the Italian company, the court reconsidered, understanding that the payment should be suspended until the Italian Supreme Court decide whether the case should be tried by a Brazilian or an Italian judge.

Brazilian Attorney General’s Office argues that the Italian State is not entitled to decide issues involving Brazilian Concession Law enforcement, because the services were rendered in Brazil.
The legal dispute had caused Itamaraty’s bank accounts to be blocked in Italian agencies. In Brazil, requests for enforcement of sentences imposed in Italy were suspended by the Superior Court of Justice.

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