Rio will have R$ 1.2 billion to invest in transportation

The World Bank approved on Tuesday a loan of US$ 500 million (about R$ 1.2 billion [BRL]) for Rio de Janeiro State to develop policies to improve integration of different means of transport means in the Metropolitan Region. According to the statement from the State Department of Finance, the funds will be released in one installment and invested in an agenda for improving public services of the state government, mainly in the urban mobility sector, “for which a regional integration plan will be developed facing bus, trains , metro, ferries and cable cars”. Also according to the department, the action will allow the expansion of reach for these means and will benefit more than 11 million people.

The project also foresees the implementation of online monitoring services for the operation of the different means. This information will be relayed simultaneously to users, managers and administrators, allowing better operation control and management. With greater integration of the means of transport such as trains and buses, there is also possibility for opening new employment areas, considering that 55% of the open vacancies are in the capital, while most low-income families live in the periphery.

According to the World Bank, the Service Delivery Public Management Optimization Program, in Rio de Janeiro, will also support the improvement of planning and supervision of public spending, besides a special program to expand women’s access to social and economic opportunities (in order to reduce domestic and gender violence, using the transportation infrastructure to provide social support services to women). Another objective is to contribute to the increased use of bicycles and improve safety on the dedicated roads to this means of transportation.

The loan has a final maturity of 26 years and ten years of grace. Attended the ceremony the World Bank Director Deborah Wetzel, Governor Sérgio Cabral, Secretary of State for Finance Renato Villela, and Finance Undersecretary Rebeca Villagra.

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