Brazil intends to extend the North-South Railway

The Ministry of Transports, César Borges, said yesterday, that the hiring of engineering studies for extension of the North-South Railway shall begin. The announcements which shall begin to be released within June 10 shall be divided into different lots of the section between Estrela do Oeste (SP) to Rio Grande Port (RS).

The Ministry informed that after the delivery of those studies, the projects shall pass through processes of technical “refining” so they can be submitted to the Federal Audit Court (TCU in Portuguese) analysis. With the approval of the control organ, the government shall be able to concede sections to the private initiative, as provided in the Investment Program in Logistics (PIL in Portuguese).

Borges affirmed that the resistance and distrust of the private sector regarding the new model of concession are already lower. “They are starting to awaken to the model, which begins to be understood,” Borges, who gave an interview after the meeting with Secretary of Transport of the United States, Anthony Foxx, said.

The ministry said that before this “strong interest” shown by the private sector, the government shall launch the concession of the railway from Nova Iguaçu (RJ) to Vitória Port (ES), right after the first section of the list that connects Lucas do Rio Verde (MT) to Campinorte (GO).

According to him, there are already some companies working on the engineering studies of the railway which shall cut the States of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, with interest in the load transport from the ports of the area – among them, the Portuário de Açu Terminal.

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