Alstom delivers the first Citadis LRV to Rio de Janeiro

The first Citadis LRV Alstom to Rio de Janeiro came to the city after 20 days of transport, leaving the Alstom facility in La Rochelle, in France, where four other trains are being produced. This is the first of 32 trains ordered from Alstom by the city of Rio de Janeiro by the LRV Carioca consortium, signed in 2013 as part of an integrated LRV, free of overhead lines [1]. The other 27 LRV’s  will be produced at Alstom newly opened plant in Taubaté, São Paulo.

The LRV system supplied by Alstom to Rio includes 32 Citadis with 44 meters in length, in addition to energy supply and signaling and telecommunications systems. The LRV track will be 100% free of overhead lines, combined with the APS system – which provides energy by the ground, by a third rail positioned centrally between the operating tracks – and supercapacitors – modules installed on the roof of the LRV, which store energy and to regenerate during braking. The track, which is 17 miles long and includes 32 stops, will be partially opened in mid 2016, just in time for the Olympic Games.

“Alstom is proud to deliver the first Citadis LRV in Rio de Janeiro, which is the first city in Brazil to be equipped with a complete system of LRV. The system will connect buses, metros and trains and increase the intermodality of the city, reducing at the same time congestion and pollution, “said Michel Boccaccio, Senior Vice President of Alstom Transport in Latin America.

Alstom dominates all stages of a LRV system, from the design of the modal to full validation and commissioning in its urban environment, and is a leader in system maintenance. The company has experience with 17 projects of integrated LRV solutions in the world, ranking it as the world leader in this area. Alstom is actually managing the construction of eight LRV systems, including Cuenca (Ecuador), Rio (Brazil), Sydney (Australia), Nottingham (UK), Lusail (Qatar) and other projects in Algeria.

Fonte:  Alstom

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