AD=Trem organizes the Brazil High Speed

On march 17 to 19, the UIC – Union Internationale de Chemins de Fer – an entity with head office in Paris that comprehends railroads from all the continents, and to which  AD=Trem – the Brazilian Association for the Develolpment of Fast Intercity Trains – is affiliated, shall organize the 6th High Speed Conference and Show, the most important event in this area  (

Aside the congress there is an exhibition opf rolling stock with the most modern trains in operation or in prototype, comparable to an auto show.

At the congress, AD=Trem is organizing, together with UIC,  at the same venue, on March 17th at 2 pm, the Brazil High Speed encounter, for the presentation in detail of the existing projects in Brazil: the High Speed Train linking Rio-São Paulo-Campinas and the Airport Express. The public will be formed by investors, suppliers, consultants and  others interested. Among the Brazilian authorities confirmed for the event there are, up to now, the Sao Paulo governor Jose Serra and his secretary of Metropolitan Transportation, José Luis Portella. The governor shall participate of the opening session of the Congress aside Jacques Barrot – Vice President of the European Community.

On the following day, March 18th, the president of AD=Trem, Guilherme Quintella, shall make a new presentation opened to all the pârticipants at the Congress.

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Fonte: Folha de São Paulo

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