ALL to open new terminal in Santa Catarina

América Latina Logística (ALL) has announced the construction of a new retroport terminal for grain in the city of São Francisco do Sul, in the state of Santa Catarina, in partnership with Global Logística.

With delivery forecast for March 2011, this Terminal shall have a capacity to handle 30 thousand tones. Three vertical silos and one horizontal silo shall handle corn, soybeans and meal. According to ALL, the investments to be made in the new terminal shall come to about R$ 7 million.

For Mr. Bernardi, the Manager of Logistics Projects of the company, the new unit shall allow an expansion of 16% in the passage of grain through the Port at São Francisco do Sul. “The aim of the investment is to improve productivity and also the flow of cargo to the port. The expansion of the static storage capacity at São Francisco do Sul shall help the system to solve operational shortcomings”, the executive analyzed.

Global Logística and ALL have already worked in partnership, in handling industrialized cargo, mainly containers and steel products – with an owned warehouse and terminal within the Port of São Francisco do Sul.


Recently ALL has announced a 9.6% increase in the volume of the cargo transported in Brazil during the third quarter of 2010, with a total of 11 billion TKUs (tones per useful kilometer) handled, compared with 10 billion in the same period of last year. These figures have been boosted, first and foremost, by the 14.7% growth in the segment of agricultural commodities.

The net profit of the company has risen by 20% in the quarter, having reached a new level of R$ 69.2 million. In the first nine months of the year, the net profit rose by 134%, rising from R$ 95.4 million to R$ 223.1 million. In this same period, the cargo volume grew by 5.9%, reaching the figure of 32 million TKUs.

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Fonte: Tecnologística Magazine

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