LRV in Maceió has a trial run

The Light Rail Vehicle (Veículo Leve sobre Trilhos – VLT) in Maceió got full marks on the first day of testing, which took place this Thursday (December 30), along the route between the Central Station and Bebedouro Station. Up to the end of January, this transport system shall be making trial runs along short routes and at a low speed, until the system can indeed be implemented for the transport of passengers in the train units. The Brazilian Urban Train Company (Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos – CBTU) expects that the system shall start being implemented within 90 days.

For the City Mayor, Cícero Almeida, who was present at the ceremony yesterday and also monitored the experimental trip to Bebedouro Station, together with the Brazilian Minister for Cities, Márcio Fortes, and the Governor of the State of Alagoas, Teotônio Vilela Filho, the implementation of a LRV in Alagoas is the certainty that there are people who are firmly committed to the State.

One example of this is the newly elected Senator, Benedito de Lira, who, as a Congressman, was the author of several amendments that ensured the approval of funds. We, at the City Hall, are only responsible for putting the implementation of the LRV into practice, declared Cícero Almeida.

Indeed, the City Hall of Maceió has kept to all time frames as agreed. The salespeople at the local market, the Feira do Passarinho, have been relocated to areas close by, until they are permanently transferred to the former Ceasa site. In addition, several small work projects that were required at the railway stations have also been executed.

The President of the CBTU, Elionaldo Magalhães, explained that the route shall be increased gradually, depending on what happens in the test period. He made a point of stressing that Alagoas is the first state where this system started to be implemented. The whole process of assembly and construction is Brazilian and from the Northeast, he said.

The forecast is that, by December 2011, all eight train units are already in operation. Each one shall have three carriages with a capacity to hold 562 passengers.

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