Notice to bid of Line 6-Orange of São Paulo to be published on January 31

The CEO of the Metro Peter Walker said today that the notice to bid for the future Line 6-Orange of the Metro, which will connect the downtown to the north zone of the city, will be released until January 31. According to him, it is expected that the works can begin by August of next year.

The track is the Metro’s first whose executive project will be done by private companies. The work will be a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and the partner will have to make the final project, based on the information contained in the notice to bid and in the basic project, already prepared by Metro.

Walker pointed out, however, that the deadline for commencement of works depends on the lack of lawsuits against the outcome of the bidding – a common setback in large projects.
The project cost is estimated at $3.92 billion. As happened on Line 4-Yellow, which is also a PPP, it will be operated by the private partner – with the difference that the work will also be done by the partner. The Metro will have to oversee the work and operation of the track, which will have to charge the same fare of the other tracks of the network.

The first phase of the track is 13.5 km long and has 15 stations. It is expected that, at this stage, it carries about 640,000 passengers daily. The plan of the Metro, still with no exact date defined, is that another track branch is built on the east zone of the city, coming to Cidade Líder and integrating with Line 2-Green, which also is in the bidding stage for expansion toward the city of Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo.

Line 6 is considered one of the hardest to be built in the city because it is totally underground and passes beneath the Tietê River. The tunnels will have up to 60 meters deep. Called university track, for connecting institutions like Faap, PUC and universities in the area of Avenida Liberdade, it was the target of protest from residents of Higienópolis, in the central area, who did not want the station in the neighborhood.

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