Government maintains HSR in PAC, although postponed auction

Although the auction of the high-speed rail (HSR) has been postponed and there is no new date for the competition, the venture keeps getting green seal on the newly released balance sheet of the Brazilian Mobility Growth Acceleration Program (PAC – Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento). This indicates that the government has not given up bidding it, but the only step described in the balance for the bullet train Rio-São Paulo-Campinas is the continuity in the implementation of the engineering project.

The project is necessary to the country, has technical and economic feasibility and we will acquire technology, said Transport Minister César Borges, when asked about the reasons why HSR was classified as suitable in the new balance sheet. Without it, how will we meet the demand of the cities? By making new airports? How do we connect Viracopos with the capital (of São Paulo)?, asked Borges. He answered himself: Only with the high-speed rail. We are convinced that the project is necessary for the country. 

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