ABIFER celebrates the railway production increase on 2014

ABIFER (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Ferroviária – Brazilian Association of Railway Industry) consolidated the Brazilian railway industry vehicle production volume from 2014. 4,703 load cars, 375 passenger cars and 80 locomotives were produced and delivered by the industrial area. The railway industry total billing, including its production chain, had an increase of 24% compared to 2013. The billings on 2014 were R$5.6 billion, while in 2013 were R$4.5 billion.

It is worth highlighting that the Brazilian industry ended 2014 with twice as more cars compared to 2013, when only 2,280 unities were delivered. There was also an increase of 70% on the passenger cars’ production compared to the 219 units produced on 2013, aligned with the high governmental and private investments on the urban mobility improvement. The locomotive production kept equal compared to the 83 units from 2013.

The projections for 2015 are the production and delivery of 4 million cars (75 for exporting), 420 passenger cars (90 for exporting), 90 locomotives (10 for exporting) and a slight increase on the billing. In the next years, the Programa de Renovação da Frota de Vagões e Locomotivas (Program for Renovating Cars and Locomotives), the load railway network expansion and the continuous investments on the passengers’ sector will require more services from the railway industry located on Brazil.

“The Brazilian railway industry keeps investing on all production chain, in the use of cutting-edge technology, in the qualification of its workforce, and in the factories’ construction expansion and modernization. The industry investments are between R$ 400 million and R$ 600 million, expected to 2014, 2015 and 2016. The technological innovations on its products have been collaborating to increase the productivity and competitivity of its clients”, said Vicente Abate, chairman from ABIFER.

Fonte:  Abifer

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