Cristina talks about Nisman case and promise to re-nationalize railways

Cristina Kirchner revealed, on her last speech as president of Argentina, that she will send to Congress a legislative proposal to re-nationalize railways.

She announced to the congressmen and authorities on the Congress: “Today is the railwayman day, and I will send to Congress a legislative proposal to re-nationalize all Argentine railways. I am not powered by a national eagerness (…). The savings (after the re-nationalization) will be of US$ 415 millions”.
Nisman Case

Cristina talked about the death of Alberto Nisman for the first time since he was found dead on his apartment some days after denouncing the president and other government members of covering up the responsible for an attack against Argentine Jewish Mutual Aid Society (AMIA – Associación Mutual Israelita Argentina) on July, 1994. She affirmed: “I mourn his death as well as I mourn the death of any human being”. She said that when her speech surpassed three hours and some congressmen put some broadsheets on their tables to ask her to talk about that case.

She affirmed angrily: “I do not need any broadsheet to talk about AMIA, for I beg for justice about it since 1994. 21 years have passed and we have arrested no responsible for it (…) AMIA have not been attacked on our government, it have been attacked 21 years ago. And for 21 years the relatives of the victims want justice.” At this time, she criticized the Supreme Court for the delay on judging the case. “If there is any delay, do not blame me.”

The denunciation made by Nisman was continued by his successor, Gerardo Pollicita, but afterwards it was discarded by the Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas. The magister said there were no proves that Cristina had committed a crime.

Cristina’s speech was 3 hours and 45 minutes long, a record on the Legislative opening speeches. She remembered all that was done on her government and on the government of the later president – her husband, Nestor Kirchner (already deceased). She defended the commercial deals recently done with China: “On five years, China will be the most important economic player. “Our entire life we have heard that we must deal with those who do not bring us any benefit. Why not deal with those who want a normal, common, diplomatic, economic and strategy relationship, those who want to invest?”

The president also criticized the opposition and the Argentine Industrial Union (União Industrial Argentina), whom have already expressed their concerns with the possibility of these agreements influence the jobs and the construction works control on the country. She said: “You cannot be so mindless, so low and so narrow-minded. Please, tell me, where are the Chinese going? Why are you afraid of them? You cannot sugar-coat it. How many of you have already bought something from Chinese markets? What are we going to do? Ignore them?”

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