CCR has interest in the Brazilian bullet-train

The Companhia de Concessões Rodoviárias (CCR) affirmed this Tuesday (23) that still has interest in participate in the bidding process of the Brazilian High Speed Train (TAV), which will connect Campinas to Rio de Janeiro, although a company’s director declared that the concessionaire’s role in the project is “uncertain”.

“The company still highlights that can only analyze the project conditions and inform further details among its participation after the publication of the concession proclamation”, as said in press note, which denies the information in a article published by Agencia Estado, also published online earlier by G1, which informed that the company had given up the project.

In an interview, the financier director Arthur Piotto Filho affirmed that, besides the cost and the complexity of the project, which will demand total investments of US$ 19 billion, the “operator’s role” is still uncertain on this network, which main function is to connect the cities of Sao Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro.

By not having definitions on this matter, the executive says it would not be necessary to know how the project would bring values to the company’s business. On a meeting in Apimec-SP, Piotto noticed that the bullet-train concession brings considerable risks by transferring to the concessionaire the expenditures responsibilities with environmental licenses and misappropriations.

About the Airport Express train, another urban mobility project that was in CCR’s radar, Piotto believes that it will not be accomplished if the High Speed Train would be built, now that it would have a network overlapping. “It would be unviable”, said the executive.

On the other hand, CCR is intent to the projects related to Metro operations. “We have five or six projects that are under evaluation in cities that are investing in railway infrastructure, like Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Salvador, Fortaleza, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro”, highlighted.

In Sao Paulo, the company will soon start managing ViaQuatro, of the Sao Paulo metro.


Last Monday (22), CCR announced that has revenue of US$ 63 million on the fourth trimester, against US$ 104 million made last year, in the same period.

The financial vice-president of CCR, Arthur Piotto Filho, said that the company is “extremely” optimistic for 2010, in the midst of the “very significant” recovery in the vehicles traffic on the road, starting from the middle of the second quarter of 2009. According to the executive, it has accelerated more from the beginning of this year.

“In January, traffic has grown 9%. And the situation confirms in the first half of February”, affirmed in a conference call with analysts this Tuesday, without informing the basis of comparing.
According to Piotto, the historical relation of traffic grow on the roads, related to the Gross National Product (GNP), from 1.4 to 1.5, can be surpassed in the first trimester if the tendency of January and February continues.

In the fourth trimester, traffic rose 19.5% and in 2009 the expansion reached 17.1%. Without including acquisitions, the vehicle traffic on the roads managed by CCR grew 4.5% on the last three months of 2009, and 0.2% in 2009.

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