São Paulo will do the licensing and executive project of Ferroanel

The Ferroanel project, which will bypass the city of São Paulo, was discussed yesterday by the federal government and the government of São Paulo. The state government has offered to perform the environmental licensing of the area and the executive project of the northern stretch, between Jundiaí and Manoel Feio, which will be built parallel to the Beltway. Thus, we estimate that the project will have one year less, said the Secretary of Transportation of São Paulo Saulo Abreu.

After the meeting with the Transport Minister Paulo Passos, and the CEO of the Empresa de Planejamento e Logística (EPL) Bernardo Figueiredo, Abreu recalled that the northern stretch of the Beltway is expected to have the works started in January 2013. If the projects do not go together there will be difficult to Ferroanel, since there will be another major work in a region surrounded by Serra da Cantareira, he said.

According to him, if the projects are run together, there will be gain with respect to expropriation and joint use of drainage, debris landfill and slope protection. There will be social, economic and environmental gain, he evaluates. In the case of the southern stretch of Ferroanel between Evangelista de Souza and Ouro Fino, there are fewer restrictions for the rail contour. There, the Beltway is ready and there is no natural area delimiting the project, the secretary says.

Saulo Abreu said the intention is that the company that wins the bid to build the Ferroanel receives the executive projects and the environmental license right away. It could start work immediately. This is important because of the term until 2015 that the São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company (CPTM) gave to stop the passage of freight trains on their tracks, he says. Currently, freight trains use the same rails as CPTM, responsible for passenger transport in São Paulo.

The Transport Minister Paulo Passos confirmed the prediction for the start of execution of Ferroanel to July 2013. As the rail contour, the first group of railroads that will be granted, composed of 2,600 km, must have its contracts signed in July 2013. Deadlines are tight, but we were working in that direction, he said.

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