UK and Brazil will cooperate in Transportation

Transport minister, César Borges, received on this Wednesday (November 20) the British Assistant Minister of State for Transport, Robert Goodwill, and the UK ambassador Alex Ellis. At the time, the authorities from both countries expressed interest in cooperating in the area of transportation. Earlier, the British signed a program of cooperation Empresa de Planejamento e Logística, state-owned company under the Brazilian Ministry of Transport.

César Borges listed the possibilities for investments in logistics in the country. “Agricultural production in Brazil has grown significantly in recent years, and this brought us the challenge of handling our products – through railroads, highways and waterways – to the ports,” he explained.

The Brazilian minister said he sees two ways to meet all the logistical needs of the country: public investments and partnerships with the private sector. “The federal government has significantly increased investment, but the help of the private sector is crucial,” he said. The British minister said his country has spent decades without properly invest in transportation and that today the government does a lot of partnership with the private sector. “The UK and Brazil have a lot in common because both face similar problems in transportation,” said Goodwill. “I look forward to working with the Brazilian government,” he added.

“The English participation is welcome,” said the Brazilian minister. “We want to continue the cooperation agreement already signed with EPL,” added César Borges, alluding to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by EPL and the British government. The agreement allows for the exchange of information between Brazil and the UK and provides joint actions between the two countries. 

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Fonte: Ministry of Transport

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