Vale transported around one million people in 2014

The Passenger Train of the Railroad Vitória to Minas, operated by Vale, which makes the route between Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais, transported around one million people in 2014. Of this total, 168 thousand passengers boarded in the station Pedro Nolasco, in Cariacica (ES), bound for Minas Gerais. Other 168 thousand people arrived to ES by means of the railway transportation last year.

At the station Belo Horizonte, the volume of people who boarded bound for the coast of Espírito Santo reached 231 thousand passengers. The capital city of Minas Gerais, in turn, received more than 213 thousand people in 2014, who arrived to the city by the Passenger Train of the railway Vitória to Minas.

End of year

Of the total of passengers transported in 2014, 84 thousand used the railway transport of Vale in the month of December, a period marked by the high demand for the train trips by virtue of the vacations and of the end-of-the-year festivities.

New Train

Launched in 2014, the new Passenger Train of the Railroad Vitória to Minas (EFVM) transported around 400 thousand people since the beginning of its operation, in the past August until December.

About the Railroad Vitória to Minas

Considered the most productive railroad of Brazil and one of the most modern of the world thanks to the investments in technology and human resources, the Railroad Vitória to Minas (EFVM) has 905 kilometers of extension and transports 40% of all railroad cargo of the country. Through it, at least 60 types of products circulate, such as iron ore, steel, soy, coal, limestone, among others.

Besides operating in the transportation of cargos, the only passenger train of Brazil which runs large distances on a daily basis passes through the EFVM . During the route, the passenger encounters beautiful landscapes, history, convenience and safety.

Over the years, the operations of the EFVM were updated to increase the efficiency, the capacity, the productivity and the safety, this latter worked by Vale by means of actions of awareness realized with the communities situated along the railway during the whole year.

Educational Blitz in crossings (of the railway and roads), disclosure of safety tips in radios and newspapers, visits of driving schools to the areas of Vale and educational games in the communities are part of the activities. Besides, the employees of the mining company which act in the railway operation perform monthly lectures in primary and secondary schools situated along the section with the purpose of raising the awareness in children, adolescents and adults on the importance of the safe and harmonious coexistence with the railway.


Fonte:  DeFato Online

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