Political crisis doesn’t change Rumo ALL’s investments, says president

The economy’s deceleration did not significantly impact Rumo ALL, said Julio Fontana, the company’s president, which recently created after ALL and Rumo, from Cosan group, merged together. The executive participates in an event celebrating Valor’s magazine 15 years, this Monday night, in São Paulo. “We are very connected to the agribusiness and the market is heated up right now”, he points out. According to him, the company went through problems regarding the truckers strike, but the problems are contingent.

He recognizes that the political crisis that paralyzed the Congress decision is a concern, mainly on the institutional point of view. But he affirms that there have not been any changes on the investments planning because of the current scenario’s instability. “We have a very audacious investment planning for the next five years and it will be maintained”, he guarantees.

According to the executive that represents Cosan, other business areas are suffering more with the current panorama. “Various branches are suffering with the undefined scenario, especially in the industrial area”, he says.

According to him, the group’s main concern is related to railways and ports concessions. “The bestowal model (onerous) seems much more adequate to us. Everyone is familiar with this model and it can unlock the investments. The prior model used to make us much more scared; in fact, there weren’t any offers [on the last bidding]”, he argues.  

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