CBTU BH signs agreement to build a loop line

José Dória, CBTU Belo Horizonte superintendent, have attended to a meeting with Rogério Aranha, Patrimônio da União no Estado de Minas Gerais superintendent, where the assignment contract of the area in which the Pátio São Gabriel loop line will be built was signed.

The loop line is a railway that allows the car to reverse its direction without needing to reverse each car. It looks like a roundabout that allows the train direction reversal.

José Dória had thanked SPU confidence and reaffirmed that this area will be very useful to the company. “The loop line construction will allow some improvements on metrô current operation, which will be extremely important when the new fleet start its operation and on other CBTU initiatives. I express my sincere gratitude to SPU and reassure our commitment of making good use of the area”.
Rogério Aranha highlighted their satisfaction on signing this assignment contract with CBTU. “It is my pleasure to consolidate this partnership. I am sure this area will be very well used and that it is important to CBTU. I am at disposal to answer any question about the documentation”.

CBTU Belo Horizonte Legal Operational Manager, Álvaro Graça, and SPU/MG Incorporation holder coordinator, Luciano Caetano Couto, and placeholder coordinator, Álvaro Siqueira, also attended to the meeting that was held on Friday (2/27).
According to Fernando Pinho Tavares, Regional Construction Works Manager, the loop line installation will benefit CBTU Belo Horizonte. “The loop line will allow homogenizing the trains’ wheels abrasion”. The assignment contract sign will initiate the construction of an enclosing wall to integrate the area to PSG.

Fonte:  CBTU BH

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